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formed in 1969 as a non-profit organization,


Please join us at this year’s Plano Art Association holiday pot-luck on December 17, 7:00 PM at the Plano Art Center. We will be planning for the future of the association, critiquing art work, and sharing food and wine.

So bring your ideas, your art, a dish to share, extra joy to pass around, and even a friend to share the ride with. We would love to see you!

Warm holiday wishes,
The Plano Art Association Board

There’s nothing drabber than a large, gray room full of cubicles with empty walls all around. That’s why PAA has agreed to generously loan art for 6-8 weeks at a time to Plano’s City Hall Utility Department. Art created by our members hang on the once bare walls where it is admired & discussed by office workers and visiting patrons/guests. Our art gets exposure and helps educate the public about PAA and the talented people who are its members. No, this isn’t technically an “art show.” However, admirers have purchased past artwork, so you never know who might be your next buyer. Several members, including myself have loaned art to the City Hall in the past. It has been a pleasant and rewarding experience.

If you are a member of PAA and would like to participate in this project here is what it entails:

  • That your art have wire hangers on the back.
  • That you are willing to part with it for two months.
  • That you can both deliver and pick it up your art from City Hall, which is located ½ block from the Plano ArtCentre where we have our monthly general meeting.
  • The next time we change out the art is in late October, so we will need volunteer artists then, as well as for January, March & May.

Artist of the Month

Sharon Ventura

Sharon Ventura is a figurative artist who paints stories about the female experience.

Sharon Ventura

She paints the curves on to symbolically celebrate the spiritual and physical nature of woman as mother, lover and or friend.

Her style is an integral part of her signature interpretations. On large canvases, she paints her figures with lyrical black lines surrounded by pools of vivid color. Her background is Fine Art. Her style is graphic and her works are a synthesis of these two worlds.

Visually direct and dramatic, it is Ventura’s intention that you feel the figure’s presence and reflect upon your own experiences with her.

Sharon re-relocated back to Plano in August (she was gone for five years), and has already been involved with a show at the Canvas Gallery and the “…something arty this way comes” in association with Plano Art Association So this will be her third show in a relatively short space of time.

She is very happy to be part of the show at Collin College as it was there that I rejuvenated her life drawing skills.

She studied Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art, Canada, has taught high school visual arts, and now focus on studio work.

Four paintings will be on display for the “Go, Figure” show. They are SHY ONE, HEART OF GOLD, FULL BLOOM AND EVE OF SEDUCTION which is being used as part of the PR for the show.

Plano Art Association Members Share Art with Plano’s City Hall

Current Events

Volunteers Needed to Serve in Board Positions

More than ever PAA needs volunteers to step forward and offer their skills in any way possible. We have a core group of very enthusiastic, creative people but we do need assistance in various areas if we are to successfully accomplish our goals for this year. Members are encouraged to come to the general meeting and learn more about volunteer opportunities with PAA.

Pat Kamerath

Pat Kamerath demonstrating her watercolor techniques on Yupo paper.

Plano Art Association

Members Share Art with Plano’s City Hall
PAA has agreed to generously loan art for 6-8 weeks at a time to Plano’s City Hall Utility Department. And you can participate by supplying your art.

Pictures from Cynthia Padilla

November’s demo
Cynthia Padilla demonstrating her techniques