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A wide range of styles is represented through painting through history. Pre-historic cave painting is one that encompass panel paintings and murals of Etruscan, Mycenean, Minoan, and Egyptian civilizations. Then we also have to include the antique and classical style of Roman art and Greek painting with some of the best examples of classical antiquity found in Faiyum Basin close to Cairo, of the Fayum Mummy Portraits. Medieval Western painting was predominately Biblical figures, with painters forced to follow rules in painting where backgrounds, space, and colors were concerned. Something that was not permitted was naturalism, the paintings had to be viewed as transcendental, and this was usually symbolized in glowing gold.

There were artists that challenged this rigidity and one, which stands out, is Cimabue who used naturalistic idioms during 1270-1337. During the early renaissance international, Gothic and Byzantine art started in Sienna and the feudal royal courts. Major developments surfaced during this period with greater realism of figurative painting, depth in painting, more humanism, and revival of Roman and Greek art styles and forms. Supreme painter surfaced during this period such as the painter Tommaso Masaccio from 1401 -1428, Antonio Del Pollaiuolo 1432 – 1498, Andrea Mantegna 1431 – 1506, and Allesandro Botticelli 1445 – 1510.

Late Renaissance is excellently exemplified by greats such as Leonardo Da Vinci with his Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, Raphael with his The School of Athens and of course Michelangelo with his Genesis Fresco. Other magnificent painters also from this era includes Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, Titian, Giorgione, Geovanni Bellini Gentille Bellini, and Jacopo. Since 1970 has Contemporary, art witnessed excellent figurative painting which include paintings from greats such as Fernando Botero, Francis Bacon, and landscapes by Peter Doig. We do not have a shortage of modern painters with some of the top contemporary artists of the modern era include Andreas Gursky with his Rhein II which sold for $4, 338, 500 and Antony Gormley who sold his Angel Of The North for a whopping $5, 379, 076.